Canon EOS 60D

Photography has become a popular past-time in the last few years.  Since the introduction of the digital camera and the development of photo editing software, many basic photographers have transformed into more professional photographers or photo enthusiasts.  These photo enthusiasts will be pleased with Canon’s latest DSLR release: the Canon EOS 60D.

Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Canon EOS 60D DSLR

The Canon EOS 60D release date was August 2010. It is the latest in their EOS line of cameras. The Canon EOS 60D specs are pretty impressive.  First of all, it has an 18 MP CMOS sensor along with the Digitec 4 Imaging processor.  These components allow the camera to take pictures of high resolution that are smooth with reduced levels of noise. The imaging processor shoots 5.3 fps and is what allows the camera to take, process and save the pictures with great speed therefore reducing shutter lag and time between shots. Also new to this camera is the internal filters and creative options, plus a 3:2 ratio articulating LCD screen and an improved viewfinder.

Another important aspect that photographers check is the camera’s ISO speed.  The 60D has increased the ISO to 12800 in custom settings and a range of 100-6400 in automatic setting. The ISO setting is important because it determines the camera’s sensitivity to light and what range of light must be available for quality pictures.  This camera’s ISO speed allows for great picture taking from capturing the most beautiful sunrise to the most splendid sunset and everything in between including bright daylight shots with no filter needed.

This camera also has many options for recording video with professional results. The only complaint found in a Canon EOS 60D review was that it does not have continuous autofocus during video recording.  This results in the camera not focusing on moving objects while recording. There are other DSLR cameras that do provide the autofocus feature if you are looking for a camera with better video capabilities.

The Canon 60D is an exceptional camera at a reasonble price. It has a great number of features and capabilities that can make almost any photographer look like a professional.

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